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I'm Ganna

a graphic designer based in York, UK.

Ganna Bielcheva

Welcome to my website, the home of all my creative design ideas!

About me

I have a huge passion about graphic design. All my life, from the age of 17, I have developed my skills in this sphere. I have a master's degree and PhD in information technology. I had my first job as a prepress engineer in a printing packaging house. This was where my journey began. I learned how to work closely as part of the printing process. I then decided to develop myself further and embarked on an artistic career of my own. During this time I worked with an advertising agency, publishing houses and IT companies. I felt Iā€™d developed the ability to share my knowledge and ideas, and consequently started my education career alongside my design work.


Graphic Designer

My creative journey spans various domains, from crafting logos and branding materials to layouts for reports, presentations, complex books, accessories, product design, and more. I've even ventured into UX design for iOS apps and web projects, working closely with developers.

Senior Lecturer

My skills don't stop at design, I've also worn the hat of a digital tutorial writer, helping others unlock the magic of design tools. I educate students through lectures, seminars, and practical work. Oversee their projects, diplomas, and research, and create courses for both bachelors and masters in electronic multimedia edition design.


Feel free to explore some of my projects. You can gain a deeper understanding of each project by clicking on them.

Rebrand of series labels for nail polish LUKUM
Logo, branding and iOS App design for Athlete
Layout and page design for WHO reports
Leaflet for RAY


Such a beautiful and professional poster! And Ganna was excellent to work with - quick to respond to updates or changes and extremely diligent in making sure every detail was accurate. I was very impressed at how they managed to fit all the information clearly without compromising on the overall look/design.

Rebranding and website for PCVY

Parent Carer forum

Thanks so much for all your work on this. We love everything you and your team have done.

Logo and website for JW Auctions


Thank you for your work and incredible result! It appears even better than we expected. And the overall work process was very interesting, creative and also met overall deadline!

woodstock partybus
print book

Daniela Puertas

Thank you very much, Ganna, for your work. Working with you is a real pleasure. Everything is very professional and tasteful. I hope to continue our collaboration further. We have many creative plans ahead.